Karen and John | Viterbo, Italy

In October, I traveled over to Viterbo, Italy for Karen and John’s wedding.  Viterbo is a beautiful medieval town north of Roma full of history and charm.  Their wedding was a 4 day event with a picnic to a historical site, a day by the pool at the villa eating prosciutto and drinking prosecco, the wedding day, and finally a beautiful brunch with amazing cheeses and even a waterfall of prosciutto.

To see the whole wedding, visit my website.  www.photographyjulia.com



Jody+Drew | Boulder engagement session

Jody, Drew, and I have been waiting for a big snow since November for their engagement shoot.  The snow never came, but the 60 degree mid-winter Colorado weather sure did and we took it.

Their wedding date is set for July at the Lyons Farmette.  It is going to be amazing and I cannot wait.

boulder engagement session, julia vandenoever


boulder engagement session, julia vandenoever


boulder engagement session, julia vandenoever

andrea - Hi Julia!
I was at Drew & jody’s wedding recently & my husband/I asked you take a few pics of us. I had on a blue/white striped tank dress. Wondering if we can view/purchase from your sight?


juliav - Drew and Jody don’t have their photos yet. Have them email you once they receive the link. Thanks for asking!!

Family tradition | Colorado photographer

Searching for the perfect lodge pole pine is one of our annual family traditions.  With the hope of snow we squeeze into our Subaru, we drive up the windy canyon road staring out the spotted dusty windows hoping to spy wildlife. 70 minutes later as we bounce down the washboard dirt road listening to Call Me Maybe for the 40th time, we are all excited to stretch our legs and find the perfect tree.






kristianne koch - Really? I mean this is so idyllic! I love this! What a fantastic tradition. We were so shaken this year when we went to get our tree early and not ONE downtown tree lot was open for a whole 3 miles radius around our home! I think we’re missing something. xxx

Jamie Fischer - What a lovely set this is! I especially love the ones of the kids looking up at the tree. Love your work, Julia!

f a c e b o o k
t w i t t e r